lundi 13 octobre 2008

Babar à New York

Babar s'expose à New York sous un jour nouveau cet automne au Morgan Library & Museum de New York. Cette bibliothèque a acquis en 2004 l'ensemble des brouillons et des esquisses préparatoires des premières aventures de Babar de Jean de Brunhoff. Je vous invite à découvrir la maquette de l'histoire de Babar ici [exposition du musée]

The Morgan Library & Museum
Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors
du 19 septembre 2008 au 4 janvier 2009

225 Madison Avenue - New York, NY 10016 - United States

7 commentaires:

Pruline a dit…

j adorai babar quand j'étais toute petite... remarque maintenant aussi !

Claire, a dit…

I adore Babar! I would love to see this exhibit.

LizzieJane a dit…

How wonderful, I just love Babar!
Hope you are having a lovely Monday!

Bethany Hissong a dit…

I love Babar too!! This was a great link! I love the sketches!! My favorite book was "Babar and the Moustache Man". My Dad always had a moustache so we called him the moustache man!! Thanks for a happy memory ;)

ittybittybirdy a dit…

oh how I love the whole Babar family... I got a book with an old school tape at the local used book fair! Now I just have to find a tape player... still trying to track down a movie.

maricle a dit…

dommage que ce soit si loin mais merci pour le lien!

nathalie a dit…

babar is my all time favorite character. i have decorated my daughter's room with babar. i will post pictures soon!!! i wish i could see this exhibit. and i love the little prince as well.