mardi 14 juillet 2009

Fête Nationale

Beau 14 Juillet à tous ! Joyeux Anniversaire Catherine !

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LiLi M. a dit…

Je suis trop tard :-(

Happy belated quatorze Juillet. Vive la liberté, l'égalité et fraternité même au quinzième!

I was once in France, somewhere in the valley of the Loire, July 14th. Here in the Netherlands Queensday is celebrated everywhere, even in the smallest village, with parades, drumbands, big flea markets and so on. So I was expecting something similar on July 14th in France, but alas NOTHING at all, what a bummer! Perhaps the French only celebrate in their homes? Have a nice day anyway!

Cottage Way of Life a dit…

It's still le 14 Juillet here in CA, so I am sending you wishes for a bonne fête! I hope you got to see lots of beautiful feux d'artifice!

I think we are going to have clafoutis for dessert to celebrate!


Agnes Nz a dit…

Tiens, j'ai completement zappee le 14 juillet!
Merci pour ce petit rappel patriotique haut en couleur!!

Catherine a dit…


Margie a dit…

JoJo, I hope your celebrations went well. I miss my french country, but going there on my birthday next week. Yeah! Hugs, Margie.

Bethany Hissong a dit…

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Olivia... I posted about an artist I found yesterday... I thought of you and your beautiful drawings. I am sitting here crying, wishing you were here so we could draw together!!! You are the only person I know who loves figure drawing as much as I do!!! And you are amazing at it!!!
xoxo Bethany

olélé a dit…

j'enleve le "nationale" et hop, c'est la fête, ça brille, ça chante, ça pétarade!!!!
bisettes multicolores!

re a dit…

Hope it was a great day for you.